Jewelry 101: Loops and Links


originally posted 06/03/2009

If you want to make jewelry, then learning how to make simple loops and wire-wrapped loops really is a must. Honing these skills can really help you bring versatility to your jewelry designs, and you’ll be glad you took the time to learn the art of making loops. Now, I was attempting to come up with my own tutorials to share with you here at The Craft Floozy, but my pictures were really awful. It was too hard holding my pliers in my left hand (I’m right-handed) during each step and trying to take pictures one-handed at oddball angles so you could really see the detail of the different steps. So instead I searched for some good tutorials on the internet for you. Fire Mountain Gems has a great section of free beading instructions, and they have 2 videos – The Simple Loop and the Wire Wrapped Loop. These videos give excellent instruction on how to do both types of loops, and you can also print out the instructions. Their pics are way better than mine – you can actually see what’s going on in the pictures as opposed to the blurry mess that mine ended up being.

Check out these videos and learn your loops and links, for I see future Craft Floozy projects using these skills… 🙂

Happy Crafting!


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