Project 1: Ode to Paris {the city not the socialite}


originally posted in 2009

I have an obsession with Paris…anything French, really. This obsession has gone on for quite some time and I hope someday to actually visit Paris. Until then, I will just be happy creating little French-themed works of art. So for The Craft Floozy’s first official project, I’ve come up with this little ACEO (Art Cards, Editions, and Originals). For those of you who are not familiar with ACEO’s, check out for more information. One rule about ACEO’s is they must measure 2-1/2 inches by 3-1/2 inches, so it’s a small work of art you’ll be creating…nothing intimidating and fairly quick to put together once you have a layout in mind. I have mine framed on a double matting of green and purple cardstock held in at the corners, but it can be easily removed because I didn’t adhere it to the mat.

Here are the basic supplies you’ll need to complete this project:

• 2-1/2 x 3-1/2 inch piece of 140-lb watercolor paper

• French-themed clip art & scrapbook paper (I purchased my clip art at Majik Design)

• Colored cardstock and vellum papers

• Flat-back rhinstones, sequins, or embellishments of your choice

• Glue stick or double-sided tape

• Tacky glue

• Craft knife or scissors

• Pop dots (optional)


1. For the background, cut a 2-1/2 inch x 3-1/2 inch piece of scrapbook paper & adhere it to the piece of watercolor paper using a glue stick or double-sided tape.

2. Cut out your clip art images that you’ll be using in your design.

3. Arrange the pieces on your background paper to decide on a layout you like best. Tip: Matting certain pieces of your clip art to cardstock or vellum, such as the focal point of your piece, really makes them stand out and makes the piece more eye catching.

4. Add embellishments using rhinestones, sequins, fibers, etc.

5. Adhere the clip art pieces to the background using a glue stick. Tip: Use pop dots to adhere some of the pieces for added dimension.

6. Complete the piece with any additional embellishments.

So there you have it. Once you decide on your design, this project really takes no time at all to complete.

Happy Crafting!


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