Project 3: Simple Beaded Bookmarks


originally posted June 8, 2009

These beaded bookmarks are easy to make, can be made in any color you can think of, and are much prettier than the boring, run-of-the-mill paper bookmarks you normally see. Make a bunch to have on hand for yourself or when giving a book as a gift, include a beaded bookmark as well. Tiny seed beads are used for the main part of the bookmark. They’re small enough so they will fit in the spine of a book. Anything larger than seed beads or bugle beads would be too bulky for a book to closely nicely. Use larger beads for the dangles on either end of the bookmark. The dangles extend beyond the length of the book and make for pretty decoration when your book sits on your nightstand or coffee table. The instructions for these bookmarks are for larger-sized paperback and smaller hardback books. Make them in different lengths to accommodate a variety of book sizes. One skill you’ll need to be familiar with for this project is how to use beading wire and crimp beads. If you don’t know how to use crimp beads, click here for instructions from Fire Mountain Gems.

Here are the supplies you’ll need:
• 14 inches of beading wire such as Accu-Flex or Beadalon
• 2 head pins
• Size 11/0 or 10/0 seed beads
• Various beads for the bead dangles
• 2 crimp beads or crimp tubes
• Crimp covers (these are optional, they cover the crimp and give a finished look)

Tools needed:
• Crimping pliers
• Wire cutters
• Round nose pliers
• Chain nose pliers


1. Make 2 dangles for the top and bottom of your bookmark using the wrapped loop method (see Jewelry 101: Loops and Links for instructions on how to make wrapped loops).

2. Cut about 14 inches of beading wire (the length of the wire will depend on the size book you’ll be making this for. You’ll want to add 2 to 3 inches to either end to allow for making your loops to attach the dangles).
3. Thread wire through the loop in the bottom dangle and attach with a crimp bead.

4. Start stringing on your seed beads, making sure to cover up any extra wire coming up through the crimp bead. Continue stringing beads until you have about 2 to 3 inches of wire left.

5. String on a crimp bead and thread wire through the loop of the top dangle, pull the wire through the crimp bead and through the next 3 or 4 beads. Pull the wire taut and crimp the crimp bead. Trim any extra wire as close to the base of the bead and tuck the end of the wire into the next bead.

Finished Bookmarks

Once you get the basics down on crimping and making wrapped loops, you’ll be making bookmarks in every color of the rainbow and beyond.

Happy Crafting!


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