Supplier Spotlight: Fire Mountain Gems


originally posted June 10, 2009

It seems like Fire Mountain Gems has been around forever…well at least since the 1970s anyway. I’ve been using them for quite a number of years to buy beads and hard to find jewelry findings that I can’t find at my local craft stores. If you like receiving catalogs by way of snail mail, Fire Mountain offers a free catalog that is GIANORMOUS and will keep you busy for quite some time while browsing through everything they have to offer. They also send out smaller supplemental catalogs throughout the year. If you haven’t been to their website, I highly suggest you check it out. Not only will you find beads, gemstones, and jewelry findings, there is a wealth of information regarding jewelry making. There is a gallery of designs you can use for inspiration for your next beading project. They have a section of free jewelry making instructions. Check out the Fashion Spotlight where you can find information on the latest trends in jewelry designs, fashions, and color trends for each season. Plus there is so much more you’ll find on Fire Mountain’s website – this is another one where you’ll want to grab a cup of tea or coffee and plan to spend a bit of time browsing this great jewelry supply source.

Happy Crafting!


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