Work in Progress: Fern Leaf Blanket


originally posted June 2009

This fern leaf patterned blanket is my latest knitting project. I actually started this about 2 or 3 years ago and got side tracked with other projects. This is also the 3rd time I’ve started this blanket over, and I’ve gotten a bit farther along on it this go around than I did the first 2 times. Now mind you, it’s taken me since about February of this year to get only this far {almost halfway, but not quite}. I’m not the fastest knitter in town or the most savvy knitter. I had a lot of Lion Brand Wool Ease yarn from a project my mother started and decided against finishing, so I went on a search for something I could make with it. I knew I wanted to make a blanket but it couldn’t be too complicated.

I went to Knitting Pattern Central and found this fern pattern lap robe listed under the Afghan category and decided this would be perfect, and I had plenty of yarn to complete the project.

Now, hopefully I’ll finish this before winter so I can use it this year. Lucky for me I live in south Florida, which means winter is the equivalent of the annual 1-week long cold snap sometime in February – so I think I should have plenty of time to finish.

Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what projects you’re currently working on.

Happy Crafting!


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