Weekly Work In Progress – Embroidery Project


originally posted February 26, 2010

By now, I was hoping to be finished with my little bumble bee project and happily working on the next project – another bee or possibly the embroidered day-of-the-week kitchen towels. But time for crafting lately has not been an option. On Tuesday, I picked up where I left off and finished working on the stripes of his body, which I outlined in stem stitch and filled in with satin stitch. Then I moved onto the flower, outlining it with split stitch and filling in the center with orange French knots – my favorite stitch! The next night, I started stitching his legs. So far I finished two of them using padded satin stitch.

I’m hoping this guy will be finished this weekend and then eventually sewn into a potholder – not by me though, I haven’t learned how to sew yet. Maybe sometime soon I’ll find the time to actually sit down at the sewing machine and figure out how it works.

Happy Crafting!


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