Work In Progress – La Gran Stole


originally posted June 20, 2011

There are many unfinished objects (UFOs) around my craft room. In fact, I believe I’m the queen of unfinished objects. There’s the embroidery project I started well over a year ago, several incomplete jewelry pieces, and a handful of knitting projects. This wrap is one of those unfinished knitted objects. It’s the La Gran Ribbed Stole, a pattern I found by way of Classic Elite Yarn.

I started it back in January, and as you can see I haven’t gotten very far. It’s not that the pattern is complex – it’s very easy, in fact – I just happen to be a slow knitter and a generally unfocused crafter. I start one project and midway through I see another nifty project that I get all excited about. As a result, the current project gets shelved for awhile so I can start on an entirely new one. I’ve decided to put the brakes on starting anything new (somewhat anyway) and really work on finishing up the old ones.

The yarn I’m using for this wrap is Bernat Sweety, an acrylic, mohair, wool blend. I’m not even sure they make this yarn anymore. I managed to score a nice stash of it a couple of years ago. My aunt found the yarn hidden away in her cellar. She bought it around 1987 for a sweater she never made. So on one of her annual trips to Florida she brought the yarn with her and was kind enough to give it to me.

This particular pattern is an incredibly easy 2 x 2 rib, something that a fast knitter can probably complete in a day or two. I’ve modified my wrap a little bit by casting on more stitches than the pattern called for to make it a bit wider, simply because I’m a bit wider ;-). The goal is to get it done by winter, which is January or February in south Florida. I think if I do a little bit each night, it’ll be done in no time so I can move on to another UFO and get some of these projects finished.


2 responses

  1. I just love that colour and wool! I have the same mission with a scarf I am currently working on – to a few rows every night. Hopefully I will get it done soon enough – our winter is only a few weeks away.

  2. Beautiful!
    Although I think I might tie you on number of UFO’s (or WIP’s as I prefer to call them) that are laying around 🙂