Say Hello To My Little Friend


originally posted July 5, 2011

Meet Roscoe. He’s part Shih Tzu, part Bichon Frise, and a bit of a pain in the ass. He’s stubborn, has an attitude, barks too much, and is in a constant state of play – but he is a puppy and puppies do love to play. He joined our household back in October when he was a little over 2 months old. Here he is the day we brought him home.

He weighed all of 2 pounds.  Cute, eh?

He’s a bit of a manipulator and has the “poor pitiful me” look down pat. Roscoe uses this tactic a lot thinking he can sucker us into giving him extra treats – and it generally works, about 80% of the time anyway.

He’s high maintenance and gets his hair done more than I do. We like him long-haired and scrappy looking, so frequent groomer visits are now routine. His fur has a tendency to get matted a lot. The groomer had to shave him on last week’s visit.

Now he looks like a cross between a sad little lamb and a cocker spaniel.

Poor ol’ Roscoe, he doesn’t like his new do. We don’t either, so we need to be better dog owners and brush him every day.

As I said before, high maintenance, but I think he’s a keeper.


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