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Simple Loop Tutorial – Part 1


There are plenty of jewelry-making techniques out there to learn, but basic wire wrapping is a skill that every jewelry maker should understand. I’ve posted a few tutorials in the past that utilize the simple loop technique for beading projects. In some of those tutorials I explained how to make a simple loop but didn’t really go to in depth with the instructions. So I’ve decided to post a more detailed tutorial on how to make a simple loop for jewelry making and beading.

In Part 1 of this tutorial, you will learn how to make a bead dangle using head pins.

Materials needed to make a bead dangle:

Any size beads
Head pins
Wire cutters
Round nose pliers
Chain nose pliers
Sharpie or felt-tip pen

How To Make a Simple Loop:


  1. Thread a bead onto a headpin.
  2. Using your chain nose pliers, make a 90-degree bend of the wire.
  3.  Trim the wire to 1/4 inch.
  4.  On your round nose pliers, measure to 1/4 inch from the tip of the pliers and mark that spot with a felt-tip pen. Place the wire in between the pliers at the 1/4 inch mark. Make sure that the wire is sitting flush in between the pliers and not poking up at the top. Check this by running your finger down the pliers. If you feel the tip of the wire sticking up then pull it down a little bit.
  5. With your free hand, grab hold of the bead. Begin making your loop by rolling the pliers away from. This will wrap the wire around one side of your pliers.
  6. When you’ve wrapped the wire around, remove the pliers. The loop will be about halfway formed. Place the other jaw of the pliers back into the loop and roll the pliers until the loop is completely formed and closed.

In Part 2 of this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make beaded links using this same simple loop technique.


Supplier Spotlight: French General


originally posted 05/28/2009

If you’re into crafting or decorating with a French flair, you must check out French General. This is one of my favorite websites, and it’s very easy to spend a couple of hours browsing through all of the vintage and vintage-style goodies they have. There’s a fabulous notions section where you’ll find a wide array of items including beads, threads, feathers, sequins, buttons, chain, clasps and other jewelry–making supplies. Everything is categorized and most of the item descriptions will give you an idea of how old the items are and where they’re from. I’ve ordered beading supplies from French General before and have not been disappointed. Even their packaging is great. The beads come in these wonderful little tins that are jam packed with supplies.

If you’re looking to start collecting vintage beads, I would recommend the notion kits to start your collection. They’re categorized by color or theme and you get a good variety of beads. They come in a large square tin that houses 20 small round tins filled with wonderful vintage beads.

Beads aren’t the only thing you can find at French General. They carry jewelry kits (there’s even a jewelry kit club you can join), paper and stationary products, textiles, home goods and even bath and body products. So my suggestion is to grab a snack, a cup of tea or coffee { or a martini or two }, and plan to spend a bit of time perusing French General’s website. You surely will not be disappointed.

Happy Crafting!