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Project #13: Double Indemnity Anklet


originally posted October 2011

I’m a huge classic movie fan, and as you may have already deduced, I also love to craft. The idea to blog about my favorite classic movies is something that’s always been at the back of my mind, but this is a craft blog and classic movies don’t really fit in with the craft theme. Or do they?

Actually, I think they do. I’ve decided to challenge myself by coming up with craft projects that somehow tie into my favorite classic movies – a little something that I like to call Movie and a Craft Project. The first project is called the Double Indemnity Anklet which ties into the movie, Double Indemnity.

{Image from TCM.com}

Double Indemnity is a classic example of film noir, and I love this genre. It stars Fred MacMurray and Barbara Stanwyck. The movie takes place in California in 1938. A time when men wore hats and women weren’t called women, they were called dames. MacMurray plays Walter Neff, an insurance salesman who drops in on a gentleman who needs his car insurance renewed. As it turns out the man isn’t home, but instead he meets the guy’s wife, Phyllis, played by Stanwyck, who happens to be dressed in nothing but a towel.

Of course, this piques Neff’s interest and so he decides to stick around and speak with Phyllis about the insurance. He winds up flirting with her, seeing how far he can take it, comments several times on the anklet she’s wearing and gets shut down by Phyllis who sees him to the door. However, within 24 hours, Walter finds himself in cahoots with Phyllis to off her husband for a little insurance money.

Walter gets in over his head and digs himself into a hole that he can’t get out of, nor does he try. In the end though, things go array. To paraphrase Walter Neff, he did it for the money and for a woman, but in the end he didn’t get the woman or the money. Double Indemnity is a gritty, seedy, little gem of a movie, with Barbara Stanwyck playing the ultimate femme fatale.

The project I came up with is this anklet. It seemed an obvious choice to me seeing as Walter was so fixated on the anklet Phyllis was wearing. I made mine in red and aqua for that vintage feel. I picked up the red beads and the chain at Michael’s. In case you’re wondering, those red beads are 6 x 3 mm dog bone beads from Halcraft. The package says they are dyed bamboo coral. The rest of the materials I had on hand.

So, here is how to make this anklet…

Materials needed:    

6 mm round beads
6×3 mm dog bone beads
20-gauge craft wire
4 mm jump rings
Wire cutters
Round nose pliers
Chain nose pliers

To figure out what size your anklet should be either measure one you already own, or take a tape measure and measure the circumference of your ankle and add a half-inch to an inch extra to the length, depending on how big you like your anklets.


1. Make 3 center beaded links. Cut three 2-inch lengths of craft wire and make the beaded links as shown in Step 2 of the Simple Loop Tutorial. For the 2 outer links, thread 3 dog bone beads, the 6 mm bead, and 3 more dog bone beads. For the center link first thread on a 6 mm bead, 3 dog bone beads, and then another 6 mm bead.

2. Connect the links together with jump rings. This should measure a little over 4 inches.

3. Determine how much more length you need to finish your anklet and cut a piece of chain to that length. Cut that chain in half and attach the clasp components to one end of each piece of chain.

4. Connect the chain to each end of the beaded links with jump rings.

5. Next, to make a small bead dangle for the clasp, take a headpin and thread on a 6 mm bead, then 3 dog bone beads. Make a simple loop as in Step 1 of the Simple Loop Tutorial. Connect 3 jump rings together and attach one end to your bead dangle, and then connect the other end to the chain close to the clasp.

And now your anklet is complete!

If you haven’t seen Double Indemnity, I highly recommend it. Go out and rent it, buy the supplies to make this anklet, pop up some popcorn, and make this project during the movie.



Project 7: Bad Ass Bookmarks


originally posted November 2009

This past Sunday I decided to dedicate most of the day to crafting and simultaneously have a Thin Man movie festival in my living room. The weather here in South Florida has been in the 80s with relatively little humidity, which means we can finally turn off the air conditioner and open up the house. There’s something about the fresh air wafting its way through the house that gets me energized. I woke up early actually expecting to work some overtime at my job, but luck was on my side and work was all caught up, leaving me free to do whatever I wanted…Yahoo!

Awhile back on one of my trips to Michael’s, I picked up The Rock Star Mat Stack from the scrapbooking department. I had no I idea what I was going to use it for, but I loved the really cool patterned cardstock in this mat stack. I was flipping through the stack the other day and thought I might make some bookmarks, as I seem to have a thing with bookmarks, and, hence, the Bad Ass Bookmark was created.

Here’s what you’ll need to make a Bad Ass Bookmark:

• Solid-colored cardstock

• The Rock Star Mat Stack by DCWV

• Double-sided tape

• Rhinestones and Sequins

• Craft glue/tacky glue

• Ribbons and fibers

Tools you’ll need for this project:

• Paper cutter

• Scissors

• Hole punch (I think the one I used is a ¼-inch hole punch)

• Ruler

• Decorative-edge scissors


1. Cut a piece of solid card stock 3 x 6 inches and trim the edges with your decorative-edge scissors. If you don’t have decorative edge scissors, you can tear the edges of the cardstock (tear about 1/8 inch of the edges and no more than that.

2. Next, cut the following from coordinating patterned papers and solid cardstock: A 2-1/4 x 5-1/4 inch piece of patterned cardstock; a 2 x 2-1/2 inch piece of solid-colored cardstock; a 1-3/4 x 2-1/4 inch piece of patterned cardstock. These will serve as the background piece and the top square of the bookmark.

3. For the bottom square of the bookmark cut the following: A 1-1/2 x 2 inch piece of solid-colored cardstock; a 1-3/4 x 1-1/4 inch layer of patterned paper. For the center strip, cut a strip of cardstock that will fit in between the top and bottom squares on the bookmark. Then using whatever color cardstock you used for the backing of your bookmark, cut a smaller strip to mount on top of the first strip.

4. With double-stick tape or a glue stick, adhere the patterned papers to their respective solid-colored mats and adhere the center strip to its mat.

5. Adhere the large and small squares to the bookmark as shown in the picture and adhere the thin strip in between the two squares. Punch a hole at the top of the bookmark making sure to center the hole.

6. To finish the bookmark, glue a sequin and/or rhinestone to the center strip. Cut several pieces of ribbon/fibers and run them through the hole at the top of the bookmark and tie them together with an overhand knot.

Make lots of them in different themes. The next time you give a book as a gift, include several handmade bookmarks with it.

Happy Crafting!

Project 3: Simple Beaded Bookmarks


originally posted June 8, 2009

These beaded bookmarks are easy to make, can be made in any color you can think of, and are much prettier than the boring, run-of-the-mill paper bookmarks you normally see. Make a bunch to have on hand for yourself or when giving a book as a gift, include a beaded bookmark as well. Tiny seed beads are used for the main part of the bookmark. They’re small enough so they will fit in the spine of a book. Anything larger than seed beads or bugle beads would be too bulky for a book to closely nicely. Use larger beads for the dangles on either end of the bookmark. The dangles extend beyond the length of the book and make for pretty decoration when your book sits on your nightstand or coffee table. The instructions for these bookmarks are for larger-sized paperback and smaller hardback books. Make them in different lengths to accommodate a variety of book sizes. One skill you’ll need to be familiar with for this project is how to use beading wire and crimp beads. If you don’t know how to use crimp beads, click here for instructions from Fire Mountain Gems.

Here are the supplies you’ll need:
• 14 inches of beading wire such as Accu-Flex or Beadalon
• 2 head pins
• Size 11/0 or 10/0 seed beads
• Various beads for the bead dangles
• 2 crimp beads or crimp tubes
• Crimp covers (these are optional, they cover the crimp and give a finished look)

Tools needed:
• Crimping pliers
• Wire cutters
• Round nose pliers
• Chain nose pliers


1. Make 2 dangles for the top and bottom of your bookmark using the wrapped loop method (see Jewelry 101: Loops and Links for instructions on how to make wrapped loops).

2. Cut about 14 inches of beading wire (the length of the wire will depend on the size book you’ll be making this for. You’ll want to add 2 to 3 inches to either end to allow for making your loops to attach the dangles).
3. Thread wire through the loop in the bottom dangle and attach with a crimp bead.

4. Start stringing on your seed beads, making sure to cover up any extra wire coming up through the crimp bead. Continue stringing beads until you have about 2 to 3 inches of wire left.

5. String on a crimp bead and thread wire through the loop of the top dangle, pull the wire through the crimp bead and through the next 3 or 4 beads. Pull the wire taut and crimp the crimp bead. Trim any extra wire as close to the base of the bead and tuck the end of the wire into the next bead.

Finished Bookmarks

Once you get the basics down on crimping and making wrapped loops, you’ll be making bookmarks in every color of the rainbow and beyond.

Happy Crafting!